The AIO bus is based in Meghalaya, Northeast India. It is the ultimate adventure machine, with everything you need to be comfortable in the wildest places. It can handle the most rugged terrain and you can sleep anywhere you choose! 

Collectively, we have spent years travelling around India in the least comfortable ways possible. We custom-built this truck to make our adventures more pleasant. The facilities are basic but cosy, practical and expedition-tested. You can now book the AIO truck for your own adventure.


  • Kitchen with running water, gas hob and fridge

  • Bathroom with hot shower and basin

  • Sleeping space (bunks) for up to 8 guests

  • Seats and tables

  • Sound system

  • Lights and charging points

  • Full length roof rack for specialist/bulky equipment

  • Library

  • Built in safe-box for valuables

  • Solar-powered electricity supply

  • Under-bunk storage

  • Long range fuel tank

  • High capacity drinking water tank

  • Multicoloured LED party lights

  • Well stocked mini-bar


  • Full range of kitchen utensils and equipment

  • Sheets, mattresses and pillows

  • Comprehensive mechanical tool kit

  • Fire extinguishers

  • Big box of miscellaneous parts, bolts and fastenings

  • Emergency first aid kit

  • On-board guitar and harmonica (for emergencies)


Vehicle chassis/engine: TATA LP 1613 TRUCK

Construction: Steel, clad in hard-wood and aluminium

Length: 8.5 m

Wheelbase: 4.5 m

Fuel tank: 350 l

Water tank: 500 l

Efficiency: 10-20 mpg

Unladen weight: 8 tons

Max weight capacity: 16 tons